Grüner See

A few weeks ago we spent our family day at a gorgeous lake in Tragös, which is near Bruck/Mur in Styria. The lake’s called Grüner See, which means in English “the green lake” (at least I would translate it like that). It is named like that because it is obviously green (great description Li haha), but it’s not kind of muddy green, the water is pretty clear actually. Anyways the green & blue colors are just beautiful!!

Unfortunately, it is prohibited to go swimming or diving, but you can walk around the lake and enjoy a picnic or just the gorgeous view of it.
As I have heard from many people the best time to go there is in spring (April ,May) because the water level reduces during the hot summer months.
Another thing I’d recommend is to visit it early/in the morning and not on weekends because it was a little bit crowded when we were there.






Hope you enjoyed this post!


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