This summer we decided to spend about 3 weeks of our main holiday in Corsica.  Since we have been there before, we were very excited to go there again.

Corsica has an extraordinary beautiful landscape – On the one hand it has some hidden spots where the sea is completely turquoise and on the other hand there are many creeks with nature pools.

If you’re a nature lover and into camping Corsica is perfect for you. Corsica offers many campsites and  your trip won’t be boring at all because you can do so many things like climbing, canyoning, hiking, biking …. If you’re not into camping and sports that’s fine as well – there are many apartments, which are for rent, and chilling at your apartments pool or laying at the beach sounds good too right? Just make sure that you have a car (rent one or go by ferry with your own car) because you need it to get to the beaches and into the mountains.

As I’m talking about beaches – make sure that you bring 1 pair of trainers with you because sometimes you need to follow little paths to get to the beach. You’ll need your trainers in the mountains as well. As I mentioned before Corsica has creeks with beautiful nature pools which are not hard to find due to all the cars which are parked near the creeks. Just make sure that you park somewhere save and follow the different paths that are leading to the creek (if you’re not sure about the path don’t go and if there are strong currents please don’t swim in it!).

The main travel season is probably in July and August (warmest time of the year) but you can go in spring and autumn as well, just keep in mind that it’ll be  colder than in the summer months.










Li & Le ♡

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