Basic days

Do you know these kinda days where you roll out of bed and you don’t feel like wearing something super fancy for the day but on the other side you don’t want to look like you don’t care about your self appearance? YEAH? Well, then you know how I feel almost every second day. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE to dress fancy and try new things but sometimes wearing high heels and nice dresses just don’t seem appropriate for the occasion (e.g. going to a lecture at university or going to school).

With this blog post I wanted to share one of my basic look with you. If you are curious from where I got everything  scroll down 🙂



Okay to start with this outfit I chose one of my favourite pair of black jeans, which are from EDC by esprit. They are so comfy and go pretty well with my body shape. Regarding shoes, I currently love my Stan Smiths by adidas – they simply look good and are super comfortable to wear. Moving on to the top of my body I wear a simple oversized grey t-shirt, which is from Mango and my most loved piece in my closet – my black bomber jacket from Urban Outfitters. Oh and I almost forgot to mention those supercool Ray-Ban sunnies, which I borrowed from my sister Le, and the choker (I’m obsessed with them right now) which is from Urban Outfitters as well.

Hope you guys like it!!

Li ♡

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