7 secrets of a morning person

I’m totally a morning person! My most productive time is from 8 to 11 o’clock in the morning. When I have to learn for a test I always make sure to set my alarm early on my days off. But I also wake up early on school days. I’ve to leave my house at 6:55 and wake up at 5:25 o’clock in the morning. It is really easy to become a morning person with these tricks!

-Place your alarm-clock far away from your bed
For me it’s really important to walk a few steps to really wake up. Therefore, I place my alarm-clock across my bedroom.

-Don’t snooze
Of course you get 10 minutes more sleep if you hit the snooze button, but you’ll get more tired than you were before. I would recommend to stand up, walk for a few minutes and don’t press snooze button.

-Think of a delicious breakfast the night before
I always plan my breakfast the night before. When I wake up on the next day I get so excited for my brekkie and immediately head to the kitchen to prepare and eat it.

-Do something you like
Sometimes I do yoga but most of the time I listen to music while I do my make-up or I watch a TV-show.

-Take yourself some time
Maybe go outside if the weather is good, head out for a walk or just take a bath/shower to relax before your stressful day begins.

-Go outside as soon a you can
It is really important to get fresh air in the morning. Have your breakfast in your garden or on your balcony if the weather is good or just go for a quick run or walk.

-Think positive
Honestly, I never thought that positive thinking is such an important thing. But it really helped me in many situations. Instead of always seeing the bad things in your life, think of all your good qualities and your success. Especially in the morning it really helps to be calm and positive to start a new awesome day.


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